Revelation-Warren Gage-GCC-Class 01

Grace Community Church – Sarasota Florida

Lecture Transcript

Warren: The topic is about our Lord Jesus. The theme of this book is it is an invitation to a wedding. That’s the grand message of Revelation. It’s telling you about your destiny as the bride of Christ. What does that mean? From beginning to end, that is the grand theme, that Jesus has come to rescue you and He has a heavenly destiny for you. We will spend a lot of time talking about heaven. There’s so much in this book, and elsewhere, about heaven.

Where will we spend eternity? How will we relate to Jesus? What does it mean that we are the bride of Christ, this magnificent doctrine that is the culmination of this grand book? And so, we’re going to have some wonderful times together. We’re going to look at this book in a fresh way. My goal tonight is for you to understand Revelation 1 and to see Continue reading Revelation-Warren Gage-GCC-Class 01