Atheist, Fool or Both?

A fool in their heart says that there is no god. I completely agree with this statement, but you see, I am also what some would call an atheist. Maybe I can clear this up.

I cannot say that there is no god because I don’t know the future. I have yet to in 47 years find demonstrable proof that can be duplicated, or somehow replayed via some form of verifiable recorded medium. That’s not to say that I haven’t at some time in the past believed that I had proof of the existence of a god, because I did. I have close to 1500 hours of podcasts online to prove it.

What I once believed to be proof I now better understand as someones testimony of what they believed on some level at some point in time. I also don’t question other people’s experiences because they are subjective, I can’t verify them and I have shared in many of the same.

The reason I am now what some would call atheist is because of my prior belief. As a believer in the god of the Bible I dedicated much of my life to that faith and its many different facets. And it is precisely my understanding of the Bible that lead me to my understanding.

It is my understanding of Johns Gospel and Revelation as a literary unit that formed the nature of my belief.

My intimate understanding of the Gospel and Revelation of Jesus is what made me understand that the war is over. Death was defeated. The enemy had been destroyed and the the victory of the people was won at the cross.

It was and is finished. I was born into a kingdom established almost 2000 years ago.