And then I saw

And then we saw Jesus, crucified, dead. So we bound him up and put him in the earth. We rolled a stone over the tomb(pit) and Pilates guards set a seal on it. They thought someone might steal the body. This they did because they remembered while he was still here that He said He would arise after three days.

All of us that remained steadfast in our faith died with him. It was like we were there with Him for those three days He spent in the grave. Through His death we also died in spirit and when He raised up we too were raised up with Him.

We are blessed. We are truly resurrected and alive with Him. And the best part is that we didn’t actually have to die that selfsame death to get the benefits of it.

After He was raised He gathered together the elect from the four corners of the earth into the New Jerusalem that was coming down out of heaven. That city that we had just come to that Jerusalem of old that dwelled in our hearts and mind; it no longer had standing. There was just something wrong with the smell of the sacrifices.

The time the prophets had spoken about had come. Olivet has been split in two. On one side the old Jerusalem, just a shadow of Solomons glory on the other side of that great valley the New Jerusalem and people are filling it up from all directions.

Who would have thought that Death and Hades is actually what died on the cross that day. What a trip to realize that the serpent in the wilderness that saved our forefathers would save us once again.

We thought he was the one cast into the lake of fire but alas it was what was once that great city, that Jerusalem of old. Now not one stone is left upon another that has not been thrown down and cast out. That great mountain cast off into the sea. It fled away at the word of His mouth.

There it is; the new city with a new Foundation and its open 24/7. It came down out of heaven just as was predicted. There are no locks on the doors because it never closes.

We are the Kings of the Earth. We are the living stones that God is fashioning into a spiritual temple. What’s more, we are his holy priests.

How cool is this? Hey…Check out this welcome mat.

“Welcome to the New Jerusalem – POPULATION – INFINITY